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Oval Corporation

Since the release of the first positive displacement flow meters to Japan market in 1949, OVAL has been developing and producing wide range of flow meters, related products and system products. Applications of these products have been extended to various processes in the industries and the products earned high reliability from customers. Utilizing accumulated know-how as valuable corporate assets, OVAL will keep creating a variety of products and systems with Fine Flow Management as our core business, and open up new fields of business.

Fukuda Co Ltd logo

Fukuda Co., Ltd

FUKUDA CO., LTD. was established in 1962 as a developer and manufacturer of medical and industrial sensors. FUKUDA has foreseen the importance of quality control and dedicated to the development of Air Leak Testers, which can be easily automated and produce repeatable results with very low pressure drop.

Magnetrol International logo

Magnetrol International

“Industry leader” is a role Magnetrol┬« has played for over 85 years. In fact, the history of MAGNETROL is a story of the pioneers who built the level instrumentation industry.

They manufactured the first liquid level switch to accurately and safely detect motion of liquid in boilers and feedwater systems. They introduced the first pneumatic valve controller, supporting the growth of the nuclear power industry with new standards in safety and performance.

As their name became synonymous with rock-solid, reliable mechanical buoyancy controls, they secured their core capabilities in electronic technologies, including RF capacitance and ultrasonic. And, of course, they started a legacy of world-class, award-winning radar instrumentation, which continues today with the launch of the breakthrough Eclipse® Model 706 guided wave radar.

The MAGNETROL team of innovators has never looked back.

Nagano Keiki Logo

Nagano Keiki

Nagano Keiki, since its start-up in 1896 and founding in 1948, has defined itself as a technology-oriented company. A leading company in pressure gauges and pressure sensors, with an expanded product lineup to include pressure measurement and control technologies.

Nippon Flow Cell logo

Nippon Flow Cell

Nippon Flow Cell is a reputable manufacturer of flow cell meters, variable meters, flow switches, control valves and monitors.

Kurz Instruments Logo

Kurz Instruments

Kurz provides flow meter products of outstanding quality and exceptional dependability that exceed the most challenging industry requirements. In dry or wet gas environments, Kurz flow meters define the industry standard for the highest repeatability, accuracy, and reliability. Applications that call for general information, exacting accuracy, or system protection rely on Kurz devices for real-time sensor and electronics diagnostics, and dependable temperature compensation. After more than 35 years of manufacturing flow monitoring equipment, Kurz continues its commitment to supplying innovative devices while encouraging the world to look at thermal mass devices as a cost-effective alternative to other flow measurement technologies.

Omni Logo


During the last 25 years, OMNI Flow Computers, Inc. has delivered class-leading, reliable, custody transfer-quality flow computer products to the oil and gas industry. OMNI installations in almost 100 countries and connected to over 50,000 custody liquid and gas meters are a testament to our dedication and commitment to quality and service.

Nippon Daiya Valve Logo

Nippon Daiya Valve

Nippon Valve founding in 1955 with their motto “offering products that satisfy the customer”, has supplies diaphragm, ball, and butterfly valves. Offering the best selection of structure and material for many types and characteristics of fluid based on our wealth of experience and vast experimental data. They have achieved ISO9001 quality management system which guarantees high quality, and the ISO14001 environmental management systems.